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We decided to get The Convoy Blog rolling as a way to share reliable, relevant, and “real–world” tips, tricks, and knowledge to all of the professional drivers out there on the road. If the smell of diesel, shifting gears, and handling your truck like a professional gets you going, The Convoy Blog is the place for you!

Over the next few months, we’ll be covering topics like:

– Staying Healthy on the Road

– Managing Family Relationships

– Stress Reduction

– Improving Sleep

– FMCSA Rules and Guidelines

– Stories from the Road

– More Tips and Tricks to help you, our Professional Drivers.

Between the writers and staff of The Convoy Blog and, we have years of experience as professional drivers. No, we’re not super truckers. We’re just men and women who have dedicated ourselves to being the best, safest, and most professional drivers on the road. We’ve driven over–the–road, regional, dry van, flatbed, long–haul, line–haul, and everything in between and we’re excited to share our stories and hard–earned lessons with you.

We’d also like to hear from you. We’d appreciate feedback on our posts and we’ll often leave you with a question to discuss on our (Facebook, Instagram, Forum). But we’d also like to know what you’d like us to cover in upcoming posts. Would you like to know more about how to manage your time? How about dealing with less–than–friendly shippers and receivers? Want to hear more about us? Or would you rather learn something else entirely? We need your input to better serve you! After all, you are the reason we are here. Were it not for you – the Professional Drivers, our blog, our industry, and our entire nation would come to a standstill.

In the near future, we’ll be posting something new every Sunday with a possible extra Tuesday post thrown in from time to time. Between now and then, keep it between the lines, get out and look, keep those wheels turning, and as always…

Keep on Truckin’!

Michael Todorovich


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