Convoy Challenge

The BreakerOne9 Convoy Challenge

Each Month A New Challenge & Problem To Help Solve For Our Industry!

July Challenge: Excercise



June Convoy Challenge Winner!

The month of June the Convoy focused on Diet! The Challenge was to choose a healthier snack, drink, or meal, snap a picture, and share with us inside the community or social media. Winners are chosen at random from whoever participates.

Congratulations @Tweetie-B! Keep up the hard work! We look forward to seeing more of your journey! 

Purpose of the Challenges

We set out to improve the industry and the lives of drivers in the most fun and effective way we know how. Each challenge is designed to help us tackle these industry problems as well as help drivers on a personal level improve their road warrior lifestyle. 

Dave Shultz

CEO BreakerOne9

Lifestyle Changing Challenges

Please consult with your physician or health professional before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle habits 

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