BreakerOne9 Convoy Miles & Rewards



Every mile earned in the convoy community is a way for you to build credit that you can redeem for coupons anywhere from 5% & 10% Off purchases or towards your box subscription. You’ll also access special offers as you reach new levels of of our trucking membership that give you FREE products, boxes, & merch!

Earn miles, reach your ranks, and exchange for any of the awards below!

Convoy Member

100-5,000 miles

Road Warrior

10,000 miles

Highway Patriot

20,000 miles

First access to review videos, exclusive interviews, & box openings

Access To Convoy Challenges & Give Aways

Road Warrior Coupon: enjoy 5% off on all store items

Highway Patriot Coupon: enjoy 10% off on all store or box purchase

0 K+

Trucker Loyalty Coupon:
Free Apparel & Big Ticket Item

0 K+

Legendary Trucker Coupon:
Free BreakerOne9 Box

There Are A Few Ways You Earn Miles:

  1. 100 Miles just for signing up to The Convoy!
  2. 500 Miles when you complete your trucking profile
  3. 50 Miles for logging in once a day
  4. 25 Miles anytime you post on the trucking feed
  5. 10 Miles when you comment on others posts in the trucking feed
  6. 10 Miles when you like or favorite a post on the feed
  7. 10 Miles when you get a like or favorite on the feed
  8. Winning Convoy Challenges and participating in our special Mile events
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