Coronavirus Protection

By now we’ve all heard of the global epidemic of coronavirus – or COVID-19.   Every day my office is inundated with questions about the virus, as everyone with a cold or respiratory symptoms of any kind want to be tested.   As of this moment, we do not have any tests available for patients – the government is supposedly test kits out to medical offices, but it hasn’t happened yet.

While influenza is a much greater risk than coronavirus, since this virus is so new it’s scarier for us because it’s the unknown.  Coronavirus itself has been around forever- most strains cause symptoms of a common cold.   The COVID -19 strain is different than previous strains, however, and is highly contagious. As truckers, we depend on you to continue to supply our country with essential goods, and as you travel throughout the US you are not able to shelter in place, putting your profession at higher risk.

What can you do to protect yourself?  First and foremost, enhance your immune system!  Your immune system is fighting viruses, bacteria and others every second of every day, and if it is strong, you will be far more resistant.  I recommend vitamin D as your first line of defense, reaching optimal levels of between 70-90.  For myself, I take 10,000 IU of D3 in the winter, and 5,000 IU in the summer.  Always take D with food that has some fat for better absorption – I take mine with fish oil in the morning. Next, another great supplement for our immunity is one by Xymogen called Viragraphis.   I take 2/day thru the cough/cold season, and one a day thereafter.  If you feel you are starting to get sick, or if you are very prone to colds and flu, obtain a high dose Vt C IV infusion, 50,000mg.   This is very powerful at stopping the infection before it has time to spread.  A once a month infusion is a great idea during this season.

Use hand sanitizer– you can make your own if stores are out with 91% ethyl alcohol, aloe vera and essential oils. But the best sanitizer?   Copper!  Nothing can live on copper, including viruses, bacteria or fungi.   Hospitals that have changed the doorknobs bed-rails and sinks to copper have 95% fewer bacteria than conventional beds.   Hospital beds are one of the most contaminated surfaces in patient care settings – they cannot be cleaned well enough!   Go to a site called and purchase the handheld copperzap.    I have one at work and one at home.  It slips in your purse or pocket and any time you’re out in public or at work, wipe your hands with it throughout the day.  If you’re starting to get nasal congestion, that first sign of a cold, use the nasal probe as directed and this can kill it before the virus leaves the nasal passages.   

Finally, pay attention to common-sense measures – no shaking hands, avoid touching your face with your hands (touch your copper zap instead) and eat plenty of fresh raw fruits and vegetables to enhance your body’s defenses.   Doing all of the above will greatly increase your chances of avoiding the COVID-19.

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