By Truckers For Truckers

At BreakerOne9, our mission is to serve truckers & improve their lifestyle. WE focus on providing quality products and services from partners we work with  all across the country! Then we feature their items inside our crates at a great value to the driver!

We believe and advocate for living a healthy & happy lifestyle. As a truck driver, we know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy & active lifestyle while driving. This is why we focus our products on health & offer both free & paid content through our community for drivers to get healthy & improve their lifestyle! 

our Promise


WE believe in total transparency for our members & partners. We operate with an open rule policy where honesty & communication remain at the forefront of how we do business.


Our Members are priority #1. We work directly with members on a one -on-one basis to achieve a sense of belonging in the Convoy Community. Member satisfaction is our dedication.


The Freight Crate is our ultimate way to give back to our community of drivers! It is our mission to ALWAYS deliver the best value possible to our members. We're so excited to share with you the great products & services we have put together for you! We hope you join & enjoy all we have to offer!

“I work closely with drivers each and every day & I understand the struggles, adversity, and issues that many of them face. This is why I started BreakerOne9. I wanted to start a company that gave back to the American Trucker. A product & service company that would benefit drivers in more ways than just one. A service to show appreciation to these essential workers for the necessary and often unrecognized work that they do. My team is dedicated to fulfill our mission in supporting and recognizing drivers all across the Untied States. BreakerOne9 is a company for the drivers!”

-David Shultz Jr. Founder