The BreakerOne9 Story


Our Why

With most startup companies, I believe the “why” is extremely important to communicate both internally and externally. It’s the fuel that drives the company to define their mission and the goal it has set to accomplish. BreakerOne9 (in many ways) is a new company and concept that was established for one reason….to serve the American Truck Driver. This is “Our Why” story.

Trucking has been attached to me all my life. My dad has trucked over 30 years now and started his own company the year I was born in 1992. I’ve grown up around drivers and have been in and out of trucks for as long as I can remember. Today, I work with my dad in that same small family trucking company he started over 27 years ago. We operate contractually with a few companies including, out and back (night & day) runs with dry van loads, flatbed, special equipment hauling and some scattered OTR runs. Growing up and working in the family business has taught me a lot about the transportation industry, (still learning). Over the years I saw the good and the bad side of this industry. When the transport industry was doing well, the business did well. And when the bad times hit, it hit us right along with it. The good times make up a lot of my best childhood memories. The excitement of driving those big rigs with my dad and being out on the road with him, temporarily living that trucker’s life, will always be my favorite memories of all. Those times were the best!  But, like I mentioned, the bad times came just as well. The stress on my dad and the family when freight was down would be the hardest times to get through. There would be long consecutive nights he’d spend away, where I would sit up all night in the window just to catch a glimpse of him & his chicken lights going down the highway outside my house. Mom & I would listen for the echo of his air horn screaming off the side of the house and hills as he passed by. Looking back, it’s fair to say our family and the industry went up & down together, like storm waves carrying one big boat. This mix of family and industry I grew up with allowed me to respect, appreciate, and understand drivers and the trucking profession on a deeper level. Now, 20 years later, working along side my dad, I work closely with drivers on a daily basis. It’s the relationships I have with drivers now and the struggle that I saw my own father go through as a driver back then, that prompted me to start a company totally dedicated to giving back to the American Truck Driver. 

We started our mission in late 2019 to bring respect back to the trucking industry and improve the trucking lifestyle for drivers. Our goal is to provide products and services to drivers on a regular basis that will promote their profession, improve life out on the road, & allow them to explore new products and services in a fun and exciting way! 

We describe ourselves as a “Membership/Subscription Service Company”, which is just a complicated way to say that we provide a membership as well as a paid subscription service.  Our subscription box (the Freight Crate) is our way to generate an exciting experience for drivers who don’t have a lot of time outside of truck stops or super-centers to find and try new products/services that they normally wouldn’t have access to. Our boxes are a premium product, filled with only the selected companies that work with us in providing the best value to our subscribers. 

 But we don’t stop there…

BreakerOne9 The Convoy was built with a purpose to bring drivers together and establish a community of truckers. A place where drivers can connect with other drivers, learn and/or share their experiences, or just share their journey! The Convoy Community software we use allows our members to create profiles, network with other drivers, and be a part of a community built just for truck drivers. The goal behind the membership is to offer a FREE Membership platform for drivers to interact with other drivers, companies, and belong to a solid network of professionals who share the same passions, issues, and experiences. We offer direct messaging among all members, Convoy Challenges that members can play to win free merchandise, member discounts on our Convoy Shop items, & (upcoming) featured Convoy Courses

Our Convoy strives to be the HUB for trucking interaction & fun, as well as a place where drivers can reliably learn, share, & grow in their profession. 


Thanks for reading & Keep the Rubber Side Down! 


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