The Virus That Won’t Stop Truckin’


Should It Take A Pandemic?

Some time ago, truck drivers were respected for their sacrifices & services. In the latest years, that respect & dignification has disappeared for the most part. Despite being the country’s backbone and keeping the overall health of our economy stable, a Drivers reputation & significance has been lost somewhere in the new society.

Even we as Drivers have had our faith shaken when it comes to the importance our role plays in everyday living. I have spoke with many drivers that do not see, understand, or care about the services they are providing on a small or large scale. Many believe it’s “just another job”, or “just a paycheck”.


The trucking industry affects virtually every aspect of each citizen, family, business, organization, service….. the list would never end! The saying is, “drivers keep America moving”, & that is the truest statement that can be said about our industry. Truckers have kept “America Moving” through the good times & the bad, throughout the existence of the industry. So why is there no REAL appreciation for our industry professionals today?

With the Corona Virus Pandemic, suspense has built on what the future holds for us as a country. We as a Nation are depending on drivers to keep our resources moving, and ultimately keep the peace in the country. Without resources moving, meaning drivers in the seat, our country would ultimately cease economically, and mass panic (more than what has already taken place) would surely set in.

It should not take a pandemic to open the eyes of the public to see the importance of our Trucking Professionals. Truckers (along with the companies they operate for) provide & deliver safety, stability, food, water, etc. around the clock. In times such as these, we as a Nation heavily depend on our Truck Drivers to play that role, do their part, & provide the services to help all of those in need. The impact Drivers have on our society NOW, hopefully will be more understood & appreciated in the future.

For those drivers who have had their faith shaken, reflect on the circumstances that surround us now & realize that the lifestyle & services we as Drivers provide is an honorable profession. Most of us have the mentality of “just going out there and doing my job”….. well that humbleness drives success for the industry & ultimately contributes to the prosperity of our people & our great country.

Truck Driving is among the top professions when it comes to gratification. It’s just hard to be seen. Without the respect. Without the acknowledgement. Quietly running in the background, Truckers will continue to serve the country & the American people through the good times & the bad. The general public should always see how essential our Truck Drivers are to all aspects of our freedom

…not just in crisis.

Thanks for reading!

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